from Kindergarten with love.

This past month I feel as if I've been absent to the world and I'm doing my very best to reenter, starting here!

From sickness at home that has taught me how emotionally committed and strong the nurses of world have to be, to technological corruption that set back my editing schedule one month and faced me with the possibility of losing unedited Weddings (since resolved, thank god!) I've been feeling overwhelmed with new responsibilities.

I've since began my teaching practicum in an incredible Kindergarten classroom. I've been faced with pure honesty, genuine emotion and little selves being true to who they are. Inspiring, to say the least.

The old adage that the teacher often learns more than her students has proven true. Working in an ESL, Inner City school has challenged my middle-class sensibilities and will continue to show the strength that children inherently possess.

I'll do my very best to keep blogging regularly, I've missed all of you!


zuzi said...

ooh I'm so glad you are back! I really missed your lovely posts ♥

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

The other thing I always wanted to do was be an elementary education teacher so I just love this post and the rainbow of colors, another fav of mine...I hope you are enjoying every moment!

Liesl :)

Bri said...

lovely post : )

I too work with children and am on my way to becoming a teacher and it's because of times like the one you described that make the job so inspiring and worth it all.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait to be in a classroom. You will have so much fun!

Lavender Playground said...

Glad to hear from you again~an ESL teacher is a very important job, I'm forever grateful to the ones that have taught me and have introduced to the lovely English language.

sarah said...

so glad to see your post! :) i have missed all of your lovely photos!

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