finding joy: ice cream trucks

You must remember that feeling. That rush of excitement, desire and hope. It gets louder as it approaches your yard. Your heart races. Maybe this time Mom will allow it. Suddenly, you want nothing more.

As we get older, as we grow to have our own pocket change to exchange for icy treats, that nostalgia remains. As we left for our mid-Wedding lunch break, we spotted that wonderful truck. Running, yes running in our Wedding finery, we caught up to the ice cream truck. It was marvelous.


Francesca said...

I haven't gotten something from the ice cream truck in so long. I had forgotten until now how much joy it brought me!

tippytoe foxtrot said...

Yes!! I wanted to run to one the other day and then I remembered that I'm 36 weeks pregnant and my legs won't move that fast.

Also, I love your blog. Really, really. That's all.

Nedda Ebo said...

I'm 17, I still get excited over the ice cream truck lol :) Even though I don't think I'm really that old. At least, not too old for the ice cream truck.

Mustart x

Lavender Playground said...

Yes I remember the ice cream trucks ~

defining amy said...

the aperture on the last one is gorgeous. love love love your blog.

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