street positivity.

I have always been drawn to the use of street art as a positive medium. Growing up, I only saw graffiti that showed obscene pictures and phrases. For young me, graffiti was simply a negative, a form of vandalism and nothing else. As I started attending UBC, I noticed work by a graffiti artist who spray painted flocks of stenciled birds up otherwise drab concrete stairwells. The campus displayed provocative statements on war and poverty that were both artistically beautiful and provoked thought. Unlike the obscene messages which were removed overnight by campus crews, these works of art remained in place through my degree.

On a recent trip to Granville Island, I noticed these stickers, placed on the posts by intersections.
On a much smaller scale than spray paint murals, they were little spots of positivity. I love them.


Amanda-Lynne said...

This is just so cute! I think I may try this around the office today!

Anonymous said...

i love leaving little notes like this around :)

Kerry said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm loving what I see here so far! Beautiful pictures, and this post is particularly cool. I love seeing stuff like this in everyday life, like when someone writes something on a dollar bill that makes you smile. Neat finds!

Ashleigh said...

I love this! I read a blog a while ago where a Mom did positive projects with her kids once a week. They would write inspirational messages on stickers and drop them around town. It was such a sweet story!

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