photography challenge IV: the show.

Soft, delicate and in an array of colours, flowers offer stunning subject matter:

by Sarah of the on the brightside..., based in Colorado, USA

by Michelle of whollyafool.

by Melissa of Something Beautiful.

by Rebecca, based in Australia.

by Catherine of parismages, based in Paris, France.

by Jordan of hide the good scissors, based in Oklahoma, USA.

Last but not least, this challenge's winner! (Who will receive this Italian square scarf in an, appropriately, floral pattern) : gave me 1, which means that Sarah is the winner! Congratulations ♥

(Please email me your mailing address when you can).

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted, you really brightened my day!


Wild and Precious said...

these are all awesome. I'm way impressed!

p.s. if you have a fave pic from when you were little, i'd love to include you in my Be Young feature tomorrow!

Beverly @ said...

Oh these are are beautiful. I was on vacation and missed the show by one day, if you want to see, I did my post today -
Thanks for hosting these challenges. They are so fun.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting my photo! and congrats to sarah for winning! =D

Lavender Playground said...

Congrats to Sarah! The photograph is of lavender, right? All of the photos are really lovely.

Alely L. said...

hi! congrats to sarah and that's how i found you! love your photos and your blog. i'm just beginning to pick up photography myself and i'm always on the hunt for blogs that inspire me! now following. happy to meet you!

Michelle Elisabeth said...

welcome Alely! wonderful submissions, eh?

sarah said...

:) i can't believe it! i am so happy i won!!! yay!!! thanks everyone! & all of your photos are so amazing!!! i love these photography challenges!

& yes, my photo is of lavender! :)

robyn michelle-lee @ this is life. said...

beautiful scarf! where did you find it?

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