a long weekend: foodie memories

Thursday brought my first foray into commercial food photography. In that spirit, I thought I would share my long weekend through a slightly different perspective, through the meals and treats that were shared:

My dessert heaven, authentic gelato from White Rock beach. A mere 35 minute walk from home that may do just a tiny bit to offset the treat? Maybe. This time we shared ricotta and caramelized pecans and forest nera (sour cherries/ chocolate):

Saturday we visited Mary's Farm, with a charming on-site market. We had already picked and paid for our two large bags of local produce when we heard that these sweet peas had been spotted. I literally ran back. I happily picked out a bag's worth of these little peas that bring me instantly back to lazy summer days:

They are well stocked with many, many local berries:

Where the magic happens:

That evening brought perfect barbecue weather for our group of friends. Behold our Flintstone-worthy feast:

(with cherries of course):

Sunday brought a visit from my dear old roommate and her sweet boyfriend. I received this tart pan for Christmas and had not had an excuse to use it. So, I made a quiche! (My first one). A homemade herb crust surrounded the leek, brie and proscuitto filling:

Our fruit salad, sporting both local and tropical treats:

I hope you had a lovely weekend!


meli said...

It all looks so delicious!!!

Lavender Playground said...

Taking good pictures of food is so hard, I'm always amazed at how beautiful those professional food photographers can make any dish look appetizing. All the food here looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

awesome! i love the photos of the fruit especially. looks like you had a great weekend!

A Write Life said...

Yum! Your quiche turned out amazing.

Becca said...

Oh my goodness, your photography is amazing!
I love, love, love these picture.

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