photography challenge IV: seasonal florals

As the weather warms, or in the case of my Southern Hemisphere readers, cools down, the landscape inevitably will change. New growth. Adapted to those specific conditions.

I would love to see the flowers growing locally where you are this time of year. Flowers are, in many ways, the ideal subject. Always posing quite still, and if you decide to leave and return in better light, there they are, waiting. Full of inspiring colours and shapes.

Shot in macro, in groupings, against architecture, or against the bare sky. The options are endless! Maybe try something new, I'm so looking forward to the results!

Please email me a link or the .jpg before midnight, Wednesday, June 30, 2010. As always, there will be surprise prize(s)!


sarah said...

oohhh!! i can't wait to start this one! :)

meli said...

I'm excited for this challenge!! Flowers are my favorite subjects!! :)

Parismages said...

I'm in ;o)

robyn michelle-lee @ this is life. said...

beautiful poppy!

Olivia said...


ps. It's BLOODY cold down here in NZ. *shivers*

sarah said...

here are a couple of photos! :)

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