city of neon.

Las Vegas. A place like nothing I've ever seen. Bright lights, huge monuments, shiny outfits dancing, socializing and rolling the die. Delicious dining. Buffets laden with king crab legs and endless trays of chocolate dipped sweets. And for variety's sake, deep fried Twinkies advertised for a dollar a piece! An endless stretch of pavement, lined in shopping options. From Tiffany's to souvenir stands, ensuring you never forget where you are. A city of pride. Pride for the daily celebrations. For being the focal point of international joy seekers.

Natural beauty:

Classic neon:

Modern architecture:

As we pulled into a casino's parking lot, 100's of older slot machines lay in rows:

The Bellagio's lobby. (I was quite fond of the hot air balloons; how cute would miniatures be hanging from a high ceiling?)

Caesar Palace's "mall":

Following a friend's suggestion (thanks Grace!), I played a bit with long exposures on the strip:

The city of neon:

Late night fountains:

After a 24 hour trip back across the desert, we're home! I'll share the rest of our journey soon..


LouBoo said...

Hi - Oh I love these shots, I have such a soft spot for Vegas, which may be strange I know, but it is just so unlike anything else. Plus in England, nothing comes even close! Sadly it's a long pilgrimage to see it across the Atlantic and the US, we these pictures will have to suffice! Thanks for reminding me...Lou x

Bri said...

Beautiful shots! You definitely captured the "neon" image of Vegas! I've ben to Vegas quite a few times and it's pretty much like a bigger version of disneyland, ha. I always love the energy there and the warm nights lit up by colorful fountains.

ALFIE said...

oh vegas! what awesome photos of an awesome place :)

Audrey Marie said...

beautiful photos!

Nedda Ebo said...

Gotta see Vegas one day. It looks so cool--your photos make it look even better.

Mustart x

Anonymous said...

Michelle that photo turned out awesome of the cars driving by. Definitely always worth asking ;)!!!!! Looking forward to seeing all of the photos


sarah moore said...

wow! how fun!! & your night photos are so amazing!!

Becks said...

I like how your Vegas shots are original and not the "same-old" Vegas snapshots everybody gets.

A Write Life said...

What amazing images. Wow! I love them. Hope you are having a great time.

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