back across the desert.

As any vacation must come to the end, the end of our Las Vegas adventure meant a trek back across the desert. We planned a new route, for a new perspective on the endless stretches. The sand appeared just as stunning, transforming slowly back into the environment I know.

Mountains of sand:

On the Nevada/ California border:

Desert greenery:

We stopped for gas in this tiny town. Next to the city court and fire station was a field filled with antique cars, left for the elements:

A once painted picket fence, interspersed with painted barbed wire guarding a tiny front yard:

My favorite; what appeared to be subway entrances. 100's of miles away from any big town, in the heart of the Nevada desert:

I've never been so appreciative to see greenery after hours and hours of desert stretches. An oasis:


meli said...


Nedda Ebo said...

Wow that desert looks GORGEOUS.

Mustart x

the southern hostess said...

Love those detail shots. Your photos are gorgeous!

Island Gal said...

Amazing photos!!

jules said...

these station entrys look lovely!

bronwyn said...

These photos are stunning. I forget that the desert is so beautiful.

Lucy Calico said...

So beautiful! I absolutely love the two random subway entrances! It is little details like this, that make America a beautiful and intricate place. I've done the road trip along the coast from Vancouver to Arizona, and I was also amazed at the beauty of the desert. The heat is a bit stifling for me, though, not sure I could live there. Amazing to look at though! Love the photos! xo


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