west coast morning.

After last night's shower, the world seems saturated in fresh rain. Lingering rain drops dot the foliage. The soil is rich in colour and scent. The air smells purified, as if any dust and smog was washed down the drain with fallen leaves. In their place, pine and apple blossoms are richly present, requiring a few deeps breaths. To the East, the dark storm clouds linger, slowly being chased by the growing blue from just over the horizon. A Semiahmoo (my neighbourhood) morning, what does yours appear to be?

(On Etsy.)


La Bella Vie said...

these are so wonderful especially the violet tulip and your sweet baby duck. You have an incredible eye for seeing the beauty in things.
We have friends that live in Vancouver, BC (I went to their wedding in Kelowna) from what I can see, BC is a beautiful place to live and I thank you for sharing its beauty.

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Thank you :) I do love BC's beauty, and Kelowna must have been so nice in the Summer!

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