a tangle of ribbons.

With a sunny day today, and a forecast full of little yellow suns for the weekend, I'm going to try my best to be outside as much as possible. To start things off, I went for a morning bike ride (and was able to do 10 km!). While stopping for a water break by the highway overpass, I noticed something.

In amongst a bush, in full yellow blooms, there was a tangle of ribbons.

Where they came from, and who they came with I can only guess.

Any plans for your weekend? ♥


Shannon said...

i have awarded you with a sweet blog award, please follow instructions much love.xx

Alex said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
Your blog is full of gorgeous images! Very inspiring!
As for my weekend...I'm loving this weather and I am ready to spend as much time as I can outdoors, maybe a long bike ride to a beach, a brunch on a patio, a picnic and some quality park time with the doggie?

Lauren said...

beautiful photography xx

Jessie May said...

Your photogrpahs are absolutely beautiful! They make my heart smile:-)

 Kim said...

My comment disappeared i don't know what's going on. Take III-
That picture is gorgeous. The mystery and beauty makes it so intriguing.
I'm getting my new (well old vintage) bike soon. I can't wait to be on wheels.
10km, wow! that is a mammoth distance. I tagged you in a post you might like to do, it was fun x

LouBoo said...

Gorgeous - my guess is that they escaped from a children's birthday party and flew...til they got anchored! L x

Brooke said...

So pretty. I'm always noticing stuff like that too: like when a bunch of balloons gets caught way up high in a tree. I have a bird's nest with a purple ribbon in it, so I guess we're not the only one's to notice things like that! :)

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Shannon: thank you, that's really sweet :)

Alex: A fellow Vancouverite! Enjoy today, it's looking so sunny and (hopefully) warm

Lauren: thanks ♥

Jessie May: thank you, it's wonderful to know if one's work can effect another.

Kim: how fun! I love vintage bikes! and I'm sure you can do 10 km too after a little work, it helps if you start in an area you've always wanted to explore.

Lou: I love it. Great theory. The spot was right by the US/Canada border, I wonder from which direction it came?

Brooke: That sounds beautiful, do you have a few photos of the nest?

Megan said...

Found your blog on 20sb--your photography is breathtaking!

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