smiles from sindisiwe.

I couldn't resist sharing this sneak preview from a photoshoot by the talented Mandie of sindisiwe photography! (based in Seattle, and starting next year, Washington DC!)

(My session for Mandie is over at Michelle Elisabeth Photography.)

Wait. You may be thinking that this lady looks familiar. But who is that mister at her side?

Well my lovely blog followers, that boy asked me to be his girlfriend when I was 14. As the story goes, we've been together ever since. Tyron is the kind of guy who takes the lack of a coffee table as a reason to weld a gorgeous stainless steel creation.

He's the kind of guy who agrees to drive me to a Wedding that I couldn't otherwise get to. As I'm snapping away, he decides to take a few photographs on his point-and-shoot. They were stunning. This surprise talent has given me an invaluable co-photographer to brainstorm locations and angles with. I'm sure he'll reappear on here from time to time ♥


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Beautiful! :-)

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