roses on concrete

Downtown bound, bike on board. The rain held out. Only a November mist clung to the air, oddly refreshing as I pedalled on through. Along the seawall, a new favorite spot as the waves seem to lap towards you. Towards the raised concrete path winding, turning along the shore. I stopped. Rose bushes, so so many, cascading along their concrete barrier. Spilling over. The colours, soft scent, time for a water break.

Google maps is telling me that I covered 30 km yesterday! Interestingly, the last 5 km was much easier than the first 5, as my legs seemed to find new confidence in their ability to propel uphill. Mind over matter, I suppose.

The skyline:


Artpixie said...

you have such a beautiful blog <3

Vicki said...

I second Artpixie's comment :] Lovely pictures, lovely words. Brightened my day since for a moment I was out with you on your bike smelling the salty breeze.

Regan said...

Wonderful photos! I have a photography blog as well :)

Shelley Ann said...

gorgeous pictures! i really love the last pretty :)

ALFIE said...

oh the divine loveliness of new flowers springing up in every crack and corner!

Alicia said...

These are beautiful!! I love the first one.

I'm your 100th follower!!

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