it begins.

My Wedding season begins tomorrow. I am so excited, nervous, anxious and inspired. Camera in hand, laughs, kisses and tears are to be captured, immortalized.

And joy. It is after all someone's happiest day. I am reminded of Miss S., a recent cupcake excursion brought such laughter and smiles. Joy is simply a joy to be around.

Tomorrow. I may be too excited to sleep.


meli said...

I can hardly wait to see all those moments you immortalize...weddings are so lovely!! :)

Robby said...

Gosh I want a cupcake. I also want to go to a wedding. I also want to be a photographer, and this is largely because of your blog.

La Bella Vie said...

Michelle from what I have seen on your blog and wedding photography site, you will do great. You are so gifted and talented I know without a doubt you will make any bride and groom shine! I am looking forward to seeing a few of your lovely photos.

thenextarrow said...

that cupcake is epic. have a lovely day!

xo Alison

Michelle Elisabeth said...

thank you for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them :)

(and Robby, you CAN be a photographer, like anything else its just practice!)

Jardino said...

Sounds like hard work (but fun) Michelle! Good luck with everything, and I hope to still see you around here :)

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