a happy-dancing kind of day

This weekend has started off in a lovely, supportive and happy-dancing kind of way! For the first time ever (x 2) my blog has been featured elsewhere on this worldwide web with sweet words of encouragement. Throw in a little sunshine, in the can-wear-a-dress-outside-sans-sweater kind of way and it all feels quite.. sunny!

Friday morning, my beach morning photographs were featured on Blair's lovely Wild & Precious Life blog. It was such a treat to see my morning shared with a larger audience. Hopefully a few people were inspired to go out and capture their own gorgeous mornings.

This morning, the results of Erimentha's contest (from The Little Blog of Happiness and Daydream Lily) came in. It was called "Little known lovelies." The sweet contest intended to introduce new blogs to the wider community. 133 lovely blogs entered (from which I was able to find many new blogs to follow). Thymely thoughts made the top three, for which I am very very grateful!

I want to formally welcome any new readers, I am so completely happy to have you here ♥

(Here are a few of my favorite photographs which sum up how I am feeling at this moment, I hope you too have a joyous day!)


LouBoo said...

Michelle - here's to you on your happy dancing day - its lovely isn't it?! I feel positively welcomed as a new follower ;-) Its amazing how other more established bloggers can lift your day with a mention...I know there is some 'discussion' about how obliged bloggers should be to bring on the newbies, but as a newbie myself, I always appreciate it as much as you clearly do. Have a good day. x

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Thank you Lou, I hope you're having a good day too!

I suppose it comes down to the solo aspect of sitting on one's laptop, typing out thoughts and inspirations. When they are read and recognized, it feels a little less solitary and more like a conversation. And remember, everyone starts out as a newbie :)

Dorothy said...

Your blog is beautiful Michelle, congratulations on being a winner of the 'Little Known Lovelies'! I have enjoyed reading your blog and can see why you made the top three.

I have just entered the blogging world myself and it is so reassuring that yes, everyone does start out as a newbie and it will take time to build up readers and followers.

Have a lovely day

Clare said...

Yay congratulations to you Michelle, you have such gorgeous photos and your blog is so beautiful. The photoshoot in my last post was no occasion in particular, my sisters and just love dressing up! :)

Brittany said...


Dancing Branflake said...

That was you on Wild and Precious? Absolutely stunning. Made my morning just a bit brighter.

Aron said...

Great photos. I love the back lit ones especially--I've been trying to get more of them in but its still not natural for me yet. :)

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Aron, thanks, I love a little backlight :)
My approach, which may help, is to maneuver your camera/self so the sun is directly behind your subject. The more direct, the more of a hazy light is created. In post processing, I boost the black tones which seems to accentuate the light even more. Have a great day!

Miy said...

Oh my God, isn't she the cutest little girl?



Wild and Precious said...

you rock!!

Erimentha said...



thanks for having such an amazing blog!

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