Gene and Starchild.

Warming their first home together, we got together with high school friends last night. Tall dark wood cabinets surrounded the delicious dinner spread. A walnut and goat cheese salad, topped with sweet strawberries. Vegetarian shepherd's pie. A new twist on a personal favorite. An Okanagon Pinot Grigio accompanied. Citrusy, light. A recent introduction. Perfect for celebratory meals, toasting a new step.

All the while, their two kittens, sisters, only 9 months old made sure we all felt very very welcome.

Judging by Gene's facial colouring, it's easy to see why KISS' lead inspired her name:

Miss Starchild:


Liesl said...

You night sounds absolutely perfect and yummy!, Michelle!

Such sweet and what beautiful pictures too, as always!

Liesl :)

Elizabeth Johnson said...

They are so pretty! That meal sounds fantastic!

Mariel Torres said...

those eyes! btw, the meal sounds absolutely delicious

Everyday Song said...

Ooooo look. Maybe here's a long-lost litter mate: (Thanks for the follow, by the way!)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh my goodness she IS adorable

connally said...

goodness, my little kitty coulda been Gene's twin! except his black nose splotch was smaller; we always said it looked like he was wearing a tuxedo.

too cute! love your adorable kitties!

Basty said...

KISS :DD hell yeah !!!

Erin Wallace said...

I LOVE black and white cats - have had 3 in my life. Yours are gorgeous!

xo - Erin

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