galloshing along.

A few snapshots from around my home / decor ideas?

These vintage postcards came from the same shop as the challenge prizes. Two have dates. The one headed to Somerset, England (to the "Magnolia House" in lou of a numbered address) dates back to 1906.

The other, dated 1947, is being sent to Vancouver from Edinburgh. The sender writes that "the day are just galloshing along." While spellcheck thinks I'm making things up, apparently it's a perfectly good way to describe days that are slipping away quite quickly.

The other two are in French. I will have to wait until a Francophone friend drops by to find out if there is any more period slang tucked in :)

This little bowl sits right next to the framed postcards. After receiving a lovely bouquet a year or so back, I was reluctant to dispose of it as it started to shrivel up. I poured the water from the vase and let the blooms dry out. The rose heads stayed surprisingly intact! Placed in a glass bowl, they became a simplified potpourri for the windowsill.


robyn michelle-lee said...

the postcards are making me swoon. i'm desperate to read the one from edinburgh to vancouver from 1947... it's truly giving me perfect nostalgia!
and i'll translate the french ones for you.
where is this shop? i must go - immediately!
- robyn

Michelle Elisabeth said...

You'll love it! Salmagundi West, 321 Cordova Street W, but head downstairs, that's where the very best things are hidden away!

ary said...

I love all of your photos!
If you're really curious about what's written in the postcards I can translate them for you!

Dancing Branflake said...

Beautiful post. You are so talented and have a way with words. I love those postcards. So romantic!

zuzana said...

I love vintage postcards...those stories behind them...they are just amazing :)

Nedda Ebo said...

Vintage postcards, what a worthy purchase! They're beautiful. As are the dried up roses--I love potpourri, makes for perfect decoration.

And great photography!

Mustart x

lisaroy said...

I love the vintage postcards - I'd love to know the story behind them, who sent them, what were they like...
The roses look beautiful on your windowsill. : )

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