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As a photographer, I fully believe in the importance of documenting life as it speeds on past. I love the feeling of flipping through old photo albums, being instantly brought back to past joys, journeys and locations. After realizing how few photos I had with Tyron from over the past year, I asked around if any photographers were interested in a 'photoshoot swap'. I was so lucky to find Mandie!

The lead photographer at sindisiwe photography, Mandie has a wonderful eye and is a joy to work with. If you happen to live near the Seattle area, or just love browsing through beautiful imagery, definitely drop by and visit her web page! This lovely lady is destined for great things, and nothing is better than working with young photographers developing their craft.

I was so lucky to have Mandie capture Tyron and I:

All of the photographs in this post were taken by sindisiwe photography.


Lavender Playground said...

You two look so cute together =)

Anonymous said...

oh these are great! My favourite is the third.

Brooke said...

Love that one of you two on the hillside with the balloons. :) What a great idea for a photo swap!

Becks said...

Photoshoot swap - what a great idea. I love the photos.

I should be in more pictures...I just feel awkward not being the person BEHIND the camera.

I love looking through old albums. Except now-a-days I take so many pictures it's hard to keep up with albums both time and money-wise.

How do you keep your photos organized?

Jardino said...

You lucky lady! I tell the family all the time that there aren't enough photos of me - I'm also always the one behind the camera! Love you frock btw, soooo cute! x

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