dinner and a movie.

Friends, soft light. I picked fresh basil from the garden and we made homemade pesto. A handful of mini shrimp was placed on top of our steaming pasta dinner.

A little later, after wishing a safe ride home, I curled on the sofa and found this lovely film on Rylee Hitchner's blog. A short film that appears like moving portraits. Subtle, beautiful and mesmerizing. If you have a moment to be relaxed, do.

APRICOT - Short Film by Ben Briand (sponsored by his incredible actors and crew) from Moonwalk Films on Vimeo.


LouBoo said...

Hi Michelle. Watched the film. You are right - subtle and quite haunting I thought. Took my mind off the dentist - which is where I am going this morning, so that's got to be good. Really enjoyed it. Thank you. x

Clare said...

Oh the film is beautifully shot, the nostalgic flashbacks are gorgeous!

Clare x

Michelle Elisabeth said...

I was enchanted by it. It got me thinking that I do need to spend a bit more time watching non-blockbuster films. I do love Tranformers, but small pieces like this delight me in such a different way.

Brittany said...

really interesting and beautifully shot.

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