still life: morning dew

This morning was one of those mornings. Those mornings where the night before was frustrating. Technology simply did not listen, time was running out and a long list of things still had to be done. I finally just went to bed. I would wake up early and face the mess then.

It was one of those mornings where I woke up feeling refreshed, awake, and ready. Where last night's problems suddenly had an answer. Where sweet words were passed, puppy kisses were everywhere and the sun was just starting to peek out. Suddenly the 35 minute walk to the bus was not an inconvenience, but a blessing. The birds were out in full chorus and the low sun filled the world with something that can only be described as magic light. Silly, I know, but it was that magical morning hour where everything glows a golden glow. It was lovely. Even the morning dew took on an ethereal quality. Good morning world.


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