To see as she does.

Unabashed creativity. No inhibitions and no second thoughts. A genuine love for the process.
The essence of living in the moment. Oh, how I wish "Aunt Shelle" could walk in her the shoes for just a moment and see the world as she does.


Elizabeth Johnson said...

I have often thought about this! It is so unfortunate that we lose (for the most part) this beautiful and unleashed sense of creativity that we once had as a child. That is why fostering creativity in children is so important! It helps so much with their self esteem, and hopefully it will carry over as they get older as well!

Looks like a beautiful painting, and outside? Even better!

Michelle Elisabeth said...

I completely agree, it's such a fulfilling activity that allows children a means of expressing themselves!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." (Picasso)

Maybe we all just need to drop everything, grab some paint, fruit snacks and head outside to enjoy the day once in a while :)

Brittany said...

oh to be like a child again! i really do love that picasso quote. :)

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