As a person who grew up with hamsters as the pet of choice, 5 little Jack Russells are a tad more energetic, personable and attentive then my dear Cheerio or Hamtaro ever were. Tyron and I have constant lap buddies, little ones to keep our toes warm, and 5 sets of eyes constantly watching in case we reach towards to cookie jar as we puppysit this week.

I have Tuesday off, so I planning an outdoor mini-model shoot. In the meantime, everyone got to meet my dear Pentax today. They were a little unsure about the whole big black camera business but I know they'll come around, thank goodness for the odd cookie :)

My lap buddy as I type, Miss Bella:

The patriarch, Mr. Cartier:

The matriarch, Miss Jasmine:

The lovely lady, Miss Lucy:

The littlest one, Miss Madison:


cthornley said...

Thank you Michelle - it's nice to see them while I'm away.

Laura said...

Awww! I must say ask though, how do you tell them apart?!

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