Intentions for April/ May

As inspired by the lovely Miss Robyn, I want to set intentions for the Summer ahead. Not just for the yoga studio, intentions allow one to clearly visualize goals. This Summer is mine, my bookings, my schedule, my priorities. I desperatly want to make the most of it. May is simply a gift, the calm before the wonderful storm that is June (one week has 3 Weddings). Before June, I set my intention as health. Now, how to actualize?

Intentions for April/ May:

Adopt a healthier diet
- explore vegetarian cooking to the extent that vegetables aren't a must but a want
- get Miss Katryna to teach me how to make her incredible salads
- have a cheat day once a week where I can make a fabulous dessert
- (and limit treats the rest of the week)

Take better care of my body
- hop on my bike for an hour bike ride a minimum of 4x a week
- full-hour yoga class twice a week
- try and fit in a mini-yoga session (wonderful classes can be googled & followed) every weekday

Spend more time outside
- when working, bring this laptop into my backyard (+ blanket + homemade lemonade + sunscreen)
- research the amazing hiking trails nearby and visit on free weekends
- for a treat, commute into Vancouver and just walk and appretiate my city
- when possible, commute via bike around town

Schedule time for those I love
- when things get busy, too much time passes before I visit with my nearest and dearest. Make them a priority, because fun and laughter is very very important :)


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