homemade morning.

Homemade lemon poppyseed loaf with a few tweaks; a tbsp. of lemon juice in the loaf creates enough flavor to do without the glaze. But if you insist on the glaze, follow my Omi's lead and poke a few holes in the top prior to allow the sweetness to soak in. (I use chopsticks, she prefers knitting needles).


Fresh picked wild flowers, found in a construction-site-to-be beside the ocean. Amongst the gravel, scattered top soil and debris they grew. I cut a few stems (house keys work perfectly), and carried them home. I held their tops down to retain moisture. Lovely, free of charge, and unlike anything in the grocery store display.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend ♥


zuzana said...

very nice photos and I agree, wild flowers are amazing :) and I envy you the lemon loaf, it looks delicious!

have a great sunday! ;)


lauren carney said...

you take such beautiful photos,
even what seems like something simple, you capture it so beautifully!
i enjoy your talent lady michelle
have fun being wonderful x

Anonymous said...

ohhh wow this lemony bread looks and sounds soo delicious!! the flower pictures are just absolutely lovely as well!!

Anonymous said...

i love the shape of the lemon loaf. wonderful photos!

xo Alison

Michelle Elisabeth said...

thank you ladies, it`s so nice to read your sweet words :)

Stacey Sargent said...

Love these photos!!! The first one is gorgeous and looks soooooooo yummy!

Dandalily said...

thank you for the kindness. :)
and those flowers look like they smell amazing.

I hope you have a lovely week.


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