heading home.

I hopped on my bike. Instinct wanted me to speed home, get back to its cozy warmth, tea and soft blankets. No, I thought, take it slow. The vent from the adjacent Thai restaurant smelled heavenly. Petals still covered the brick sidewalk. The streets were clearer, with less to dodge as I get a handle on this biking business. White Rock's galleries, barber shops and cafes passed by, doors closed, waiting for tomorrow.

As I rode through the sleeping city, I felt refreshed, and a little proud. A second hot yoga class was completed and this time it was a much less of a dizzying, endless.. and slightly agonizing experience. Actually, it felt good. Very, very good, wonderful and inspiring. I could feel slight improvement. I passed the initiatory dizzy spells and was rewarded with a clear head this time around. As I looked on, to the sweetly scented trees and interlocked shadows, I felt motivated. New strength is building.


Michelle said...

...thank you for taking me on a little ride:)

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