friday freebie: win a free photograph

I know many of you are moving a 100 miles a minute finishing up this academic year, and thought it was time for a little giveaway to reward that effort!

To enter:

1) Visit my etsy shop, pick your favorite photograph, and leave its name (and yours) in the comments box below.

2) For extra entries:
- Pass this on to a friend, and ask them to mention your name when they enter.
(You each get an entry! This can be done as many times as you like.)
- Become a Follower (in the little box to the right)

I'll assign every entry a number, generate a random number, and will announce the winner next Friday! If you win, you will receive the photograph of your choice.

Good luck ♥


Laura said...

I really like "just looking." Great photos!

Have you thought about offering prints of your pictures? I don't have an Etsy shop (though may soon), but I've been looking into photo printing places. I settled on, and have had a great experience with them thus far. You can even have them mail the orders directly to customers.

 Kim said...

I'm becoming quite the fan of your blog, twice in one day, my word.

i love "make a wish" it's gorgeous.
my name is kim :)

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Laura: thank you for the recommendation, I love the idea of direct mail, how did you find the print quality?

Kim: Oh! I should have mentioned, any existing follower (I love you all!) already gets one entry, and will for future freebies; so you now have two :)

sarah sue said...

yay!! i really love "linen and porcelain." so pretty!!

Juultje said...

I am a sucker for black and white photographs, I love "just looking". Represents spring!

Laura said...

Quality is great! They send you 5 free test shots when you sign up to make sure your monitor's color is the same as the prints. Mine, unfortunately, was not, so I've purchased this color calibrator thingy to make my monitor's color right.

They are true printing professionals -- definitely worth taking a look at.

kat617 said...

Cherry Blossom V is my favorite. By the way, this is Katryna :)

andie said...

Great photos! "cherry blossom study II" is my favourite.
- Andrea

Elizabeth Johnson said...

How fun! "Just looking" is my favorite too!

Athena. said...

oh, you're amazing, all your photos are beautifully breathtaking.♥

robyn michelle-lee said...

i love the idea of you selling prints! pompoms is my favourite... perfect for a modern apartment.
happy weekend, m.e.! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs!! They are quite stunning:)
I love make a wish and I am now a follower!

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