beyond the studio.

As I am exploring the realm of the yoga studio a little deeper, I'm looking out for ways that I can incorporate what I've learned on a more daily basis. That is, without moving into vinyasa while I'm killing time on the bus.

The flow of today's class, and the given instructions, seemed to resonate. I have a feeling that I can use these ideas as I go about my day. You?

Beginning: Set a goal for today for yourself; it "can be as creative or as simple as you wish it to be." Keep that goal with you as you move through your day.

During: Be aware of yourself, push yourself, but never to the point of pain. Take necessary breaks to re-focus.

Personal judgement is not allowed. Be aware of your actions, but do not criticize or take glory in them, do your best, then move on; do not dwell.

At the end: Reflect that today's progress is not in and of itself. A lack of full success should be reinterpreted as effective steps towards your end goal. Take time to thank yourself for putting in effort, and focus on future goals, not past attempts.


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