Thymely thoughts.

First, let me welcome you to thymely thoughts. A blog is nothing without readers to share with, so thank you.

Over the past months, I've found that my Michelle Elisabeth Photography blog has been deviating from showcasing my portfolio to a venue for me to explore my personal growth, as a photographer and an individual. I decided that perhaps those two branches of my photography should get unique venues.

Photography is integral to my way of percieving the world. It is certainly not "just a job", but a passion and love. Thus, when I'm not photographing clients, my camera is still out and about. Thymely thoughts is a venue for clients to get to know me, and for me to reflect on new experiences and discoveries.

One key area of growth is Michelle Elisabeth as chef. I adore food and growing up, my Omi demonstrated that cooking is a way to express love. As I discover my own abilities, tastes and preferences, I wanted to share them with a new generation of young adults discovering the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and please dont hesitate to drop me an email with thoughts and ideas:


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